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Tickets & Registration

Please register for Interference! There will not be any tickets, you won't get a fancy wristband, but donations are very welcome.

As we aim to create a space where participants can communicate on a horizontal level, without established authorities, Interference will not tolerate harassment of any kind. Due to the power-inbalance implicit in their function, police cannot attend in any form, be it uniformed or plain-clothed. Interference is not about publicity, but about discussion. We have no desire to become a spectacle and therefore do not welcome anyone in the active role of journalist. Harassment includes but is not limited to: offensive verbal comments related to gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size or race; deliberate intimidation, corporate recruitment, stalking, photography or recording without explicit consent, sustained disruption of talks or other events and unwelcome physical contact and sexual attention.

Interference is a low-budget DIY event and does not charge any entrance-fee, so we really need your financial contributions to pay for the basic infrastructure.

Please wire your moneys to:

IBAN: NL52INGB0001913573
ING Bank Utrecht (NL)

Or transfer bitcoins to: 12CXf9L61eNRiEL2ATrhZosHQZSYPBWBcV

And don't forget to mention Interference!

For alternative money exchange methods (richly filled envelopes are also welcome), please contact us!


Feel like doing a talk, installation, perfomance, etc. during Interference? Please read the call for papers and announce a self-organised session or contact us on interference [at] puscii [dot] nl.

Want to help organising? There's a lot todo! Please get in touch by mailing interference [at] puscii [dot] nl.


Bring a curious and critical mindset! To help you get started, here's a list of recommended_reading.

Arrival & Location

How to get there

Train & Tram Tickets

We've moved to a complex system of RFID-based tickets, it's hard to explain, but some information:

  • For trams: GVB
  • For trains: NS

General advice: you can buy expensive tram-tickets on the tram, but not for trains. Best to sort it out before you get into your means of transport.

From Amsterdam Central Station

Here you can take either tram 1 or 2, For Tram 1 get out at Overtoomse Sluis and see the directions for “Lelylaan”.

For Tram 2 get out at stop Amstelveense weg and Follow the Amstelveenseweg northwards until you cross the eerste schinkelstraat on your left. Find number 16 and you're there.

From Amsterdam Lelylaan

Here you can take Tram 1 in the direction of Central Station and get out at stop Overtoomse Sluis From there you follow the Amstelveenseweg southwards until you encounter the eerste schinkelstraat on your right. Find number 16 and you're there.

From Schiphol

Take the train to Amsterdam Lelylaan (shortest) or Amsterdam Central Station. If you end up in the wrong train to Amsterdam Zuid/Duivendrecht, get out before duivendrecht and take Metro 50 to Amsterdam Lelylaan


There will be food during the event at the venue. Arriving early? Check out these options:

The general alternative agenda: Radar

Food options before the event:

  • At the Budapest on Wednesday from 18:00, Pesthuislaan, behind the Buddha. (donation)
  • At Zaal100 (8 euros for 3 courses) on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • At De Peper/OT301 On Tuesday & Thursday (7-10 euros donation)
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